Astrology Waxing Poetic: November 6–12, 2022

Astrological poetry with Nostradamus-like insights of our 21st Century skies reviewing societal, mundane, financial analysis and consumer sentiment.

November 2022 Author Highlighted Ephemeris from

“An Emotional Lunar Eclipse”

Sunday fiery emotions inflame power sources

like flecks of volcanic ash as tensions rise

Monday’s reality check in tech

shows us red letter exit signs in surprise

Tuesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse courts lies

as U.S. voters await victory or not

Mercury in Scorpio suggests a cleanse of toxic tones

while a hotly stubborn Uranus offers disruptive shock

By Wednesday we receive the decided news

Both winners and losers score big on stage

Markets may rumble and tumble confused

Sad results and stressed Saturn enrage

Thursday Venus seeks peaceful Neptune bliss

their flowing trine in an elegant dance

More money and dreams may come true as you wish

so, stock up on love and intense romance

Friday finds us clearing out what’s weary or old

Worn structures of Sun square Saturn need change

A Gemini Moon kisses Mars so bold

driving a quick switch to rearrange

Saturday shows how Mercury moves fast

A week full of exchange calls for red wine

as another election season flies past

I hope the results prove fruitful in time

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